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    Dynamic Clustering?


      Our company is hoping to roll out a product on Amazon's EC2. There's a limitation that each time an instance runs, it has a different IP address and (I believe) there is not option to multicast. One can make JBoss and Tomcat cluster themselves so long as they have one machine with a static IP which they can find to register themselves with and via that find the rest of the machines in their group, and that is possible on Amazon.


      I'd like to know whether LiveCycle can/will use the clustering information of the underlying application server to trade data between machines, or if a LiveCycle cluster is configured separately (and can't be set up to use a central locator machine)?

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          pierretager Adobe Employee



          We need to learn more about the solution you are trying to deploy on Amazon before we can answer your questions.


          Please email your contact information to (ptager at adobe dot com) and we'll get in touch with you shortly to discuss further.




          Pierre Tager

          Product Manager, LiveCycle Cloud Deployment