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    after flashplayer update sendAndLoad doesn't work in browser.


      Hi, - I have a site that have worked without any problems for 2 years.


      I have an email form that sends some variables and receives a true/false from the server.


      It works perfect if I use a computer that doesn't have the lates flashplayer OR if I just test from inside flash.




      if (succes)...


      fails every time with the new flash player...



      What is the problem?







      function sendEmail(name,alder,email, mobil,nyhedsbrev, betingelser,vej_txt,postnr_txt,by_txt)


      var myData = new LoadVars();



      myData.name = name;


      myData.mail = email;

      myData.mobil = mobil;

      myData.nyhedsbrev = _global.nyhedsbrev;


      myData.vej = vej_txt

      myData.postnr = postnr_txt

      myData.by = by_txt




      trace("myData.id = "+myData.id)

      trace("myData.name = "+myData.name)

      trace("myData.alder = "+myData.alder)

      trace("myData.email = "+myData.email)

      trace("myData.mobil = "+myData.mobil)

      trace("myData.nyhedsbrev = "+myData.nyhedsbrev)

      trace("myData.betingelser = "+myData.betingelser)

      trace("myData.kontakt = "+myData.kontakt)




      myData.onLoad = function(succes)




      if (succes)


      status_txt.text = "Mange tak skal du have."



         breMe = function(){




         breRun = undefined






         var breRun = setInterval(breMe,5000);




      status_txt.text = "Der opstod en fejl, - prøv igen senere.";


      submit_btn.enabled = true;



      myData.sendAndLoad('http://www.mysite.dk/my.php', myData, 'GET');








      Kind regards