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    Rapid ScriptUI update version

    Steven.. Level 3

      We have released update with bug fixes & new features.To download update use your email used in purchase & your password sent to you at time of original purchase.


      Bug Fixes
      1. Indenting
      2. font style appearing twice
      3. defaultElement & cancelElement
      4. onChange event alerts element selected
      5. back slashes are changed to forward slashes


      1. custom Window names (no more rapidDlg)
      2. custom engine name (even when using dialog)
      3. resizable UI now adds resize event to make it resizable out of the box
      4. ability to include files in beginning and end of generated code. This can be used to create your own events and split UI creation from event implementation
      5. ability to turn off creation of events code


      to purchase for new customers