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    Can't get add blind copy address to submit button

    Diane_234 Level 1

      I am not a coder so studied this page for how to add a bcc to the form's submit button:




      I added the bcc only (not the rest of the code -- that was generated in Livecycle) below (see red text) as per the information provided in the above link.


      <event activity="click">
                     <submit format="xml" target="mailto:louise.bachman@ucr.edu?subject=Final CONACYT Narrative Report&bcc=andrea.kaus@ucr.edu" textEncoding="UTF-8"/>



      It's not working. I actually need to add two bcc addresses. A disclaimer: The first address: mailto:louise.bachman@ucr.edu, was generated in the design preview. That worked fine. I added the bcc code under the xml tab. However, again, not being a coder, if someone could please tell me how to properly add the bcc addresses.


      Thank you.