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    Fileset in flexPMD ant task?

    clotton Level 1



      How can I include/exclude certain files in the flexPMD ant task?  the task doesn't support a nested fileset attribute.  Essentially I want to exclude any files with "test" in the name.



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          Not currently possible...


          As a workaround you have two options:


          If your tests and code are in separate dirs... just point flexpmd at your source folders and not your test folders




          If your tests are mixed in with your code...

               - use ants copy task to copy the code you want to run flexpmd on to a diff dir

               - run flexpmd on that dir

               - delete that new dir when flexpmd completes


          Incidentally you can still achieve package level access by putting your test code in a diff folder than your source folder... that way you can still have your test code in the same package






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            bobr123777 Level 1

            I have multiple source folders in my project. Besides, I have a lib folder where all swc are stored. How can I configure FlexPMD to use multiple source folders AND swc libraries? I am using PMD version 1.2