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    Export Problems with Speed/Duration


      Hi guys,


      I'm pretty new to working with video and i'm learning Premiere CS5 at the moment.


      I've imported my video, rendered scenes from Cinema4d and composited in After Effects.

      I exported at PAL DV 720x576 25fps.


      Anyhow, i've brought it into Premiere and added a soundtrack and have been playing around with cuts and

      changing the speed and duration of some parts and reversing other sections.


      I've exported it using the Mov - PAL DV Widescreen option and all was fine until about the 6th or 7th

      export test. Now all of a sudden the parts of the movie that have speed changes or time changes are

      coloured blue? They look like they're negative for some reason?


      I've done some tests exporting directly as H.264 and things seem ok.

      I've even created a new sequence using the same video and did a reverse and time change on it

      and it exports fine.


      I can't understand what the problem is. The preview is fine but now even the .Mov icon is blue! lol


      Any advice please guys?


      Premiere CS5

      Mac OSX 10.6.4

      2x3 GHz quad-core Intel Xeon

      8Gb Ram