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    P2P Communication Problem


      I have a P2P app that has an instant message function that I initially tested on my home network (between 2 different computers).  Everything tested out great.  However, when I had a coworker in a different country install this app so that we could test communication, the instant message function never connects.  The only difference of course is that now the app is trying to communicate not in the context of a local network.  I have read a lot of documentation about Firewalls and the blocking of UDP traffic, although my coworker and I have both verified that our firewalls accept UDP traffic.  We even went so far as to test it with our firewalls turned off, with no results.  I verfied in code that I could get my coworker's ID and Cirrus key from my WebService, and that it was actually placing the call.  However, a few seconds later it hangs up and closes the connection.


      This only happens when connecting over the Internet.  Calls placed to computers inside a local network work fine.  Since Cirrus is negotiating the connection between the two computers (and it is obviously outside my network), I wouldn't think that there should be any difference between inside my network or outside, but I could deinfitely be wrong.  Has anyone had this experience or have any advice in this situation?



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          I actually have the exact same problem, I tested my application on my localhost, and everything works great.
          Then I uploaded everything to my webserver and it turns out it won't connect to other computers.


          2 browser windows is no problem, but when i send the link to my friend, nothing works ...

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            I have same problem.

            I have 2 computer and 1 mobile for test.  If they are on same network there is no problem, but if they are on different networks they connect server, they connect to group but their messages can not  sending~receiving ...

            I tested them 3 difference networks...


            have any advice in this situation?



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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              most likely the peers trying to communicate are each behind a "symmetric NAT".  that's one of the cases where RTMFP can't establish a direct connection.  if you go to http://cc.rtmfp.net/ from the devices that are having trouble communicating with each other and they *both* show a "No" for either "source IP address is preserved from original connection" or "source UDP port number is preserved from original connection" then RTMFP will probably not be able to establish a direct connection.


              for more information about this, please see Matthew Kaufman's forum posting on the subject:




              another thing to try: if the Cirrus sample app (VideoPhoneLabs http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cirrus/samples/ ) works, then direct P2P communication *is* possible, and you might have a coding error in your application.