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    Dual Monitor Support?


      Does PRE 9 support a dual monitor setup?  I cannot seem to get the panels to extend beyond 1 monitor.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Not only can you extend the program across two monitors but, as I explain my books, you can also break off (technically undock) most of the individuals panels and place them anywhere you'd like on your desktop.


          Your program, however, must not be a maximized window in order to take advantage of this feature.

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            cantonman2010 Level 1

            This is good to know and helps to verify that I am having some definite problems with the program. The program is not running in a maximized window and I am still not able to extend it beyond 1 monitor. I also have other very weird problems going on that are probably reltaed to videocard/driver issues. Even though I'm running the latest (NVIDIA) drivers, I have an unusable program at this point.


            I have a paid version of PRE 9. My last step before contacting Support directly is to check the installation logs for any errors. There were none indicated upon disk installation and the process was seemingly flawless. Still want to take a behind-the-scenes look through the logs.


            This issue is too complicated and specific for Forum help.  (see Mouse subject entry issued by me yesterday)


            Thanks for your response.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It's strange that you are not able to do this, Canton.


              If you've got your operating system set up right, your two monitors should behave like one long desktop -- so the programs themselves shouldn't care where they are on this desktop. You can have a program half in one monitor and half in the other if you want.


              Can you not float the program as a window and drag it from one monitor to another?


              How about if you go to the Window menu and open the Audio Mixer or you double-click on a clip on your timeline to open the Clip Monitor? Can you move these floating windows around on your extended desktop?


              Can you change the size of the program on one monitor and move it around on that one monitor?


              (BTW, are you on a Windows or Mac system? They shouldn't behave differently, but they might.)

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                cantonman2010 Level 1

                Windows system.


                I can reduce the size of the program window and move it within the monitor but not to the other monitor. I have Creative Suite 4-Design and it works flawlessly in both monitors as do any other programs.


                Like I said, this is a complex problem that is specific to Premiere Elements 9 and (probably) it not liking the NVIDIA driver. BTW, have not recently update driver so this is not a new issue. (Installed driver is most recent available.)



                I could live with 1 monitor usage if my mouse problems could be fixed. That really prevents any meaningful use of the program.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  And what about the Audio Mixer and Clip Monitor? Can you not move them to our second monitor either?


                  I'm having no trouble moving these windows around on XP, Windows 7 or on my Mac.

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                    cantonman2010 Level 1

                    Not sure. I'm at work and will have to try later tonight at home. By the way, I'm using Win7-64 bit.Definitely not a lacking machine (12GB ram, core i7, etc.)


                    Many things are a mystery. I'm not sure if I can even bring those pallets up. Mouse is unusable on most dialog boxes. Adobe Support, here I come.

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                      nealeh Level 5

                      cantonman2010 wrote:

                      Even though I'm running the latest (NVIDIA) drivers, I have an unusable program at this point.


                      I'm beginning to wonder if the 258.96 drivers are faulty (like the 2009 problems). I think your is the third or fourth discussion where problems are occurring with the latest NVIDIA drivers.


                      It may be worth rolling back to a previous driver version to see if it works OK  (I'm using PRE7 on v257.21 without problems).


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                        cantonman2010 Level 1

                        It's probable that the new driver has issues however, I'd rather wait for them to be resolved than rollback to older drivers. This is the only issue I'm having on an otherwise screaming machine that runs everything I throw at it faultlessly. Older drivers may add other issues.


                        I think my best course of action is going to be to double-check the installation logs, troubleshhot any error messages in the Knowledge Base and if that still doesn't work, or there are no installation errors, contact Technical Support.



                        Thanks for everyone's help.