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    Install fails without error message


      I see a few other threads with installation failures, but none match my symptoms. I have 64-bit CS5 Extended on Windows 7.

      I downloaded pixelbenderplugin_p2_64bit_090910.mxp and executed it to install.This brought up the CS5 Extension Manager as expected, but then nothing happened. There is no sign of Pixel Bender when I select either Photoshop product from EM's list of products. There is no error message that I can see.Just to make sure it wasn't actually installed, I verified that the Photoshop Filter menu does not show a Pixel Bender item.

      I also tried opening the mxp using Extension Manager's File/Install Extension menu. Same effect. It seems to open the file but doesn't do anything with it.

      How should I diagnose this problem?


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          unique_screenname_here Level 3

          You might try redownloading the extension to make sure the problem is not caused by a corrupt extension package. Out of curiosity, what browser did you use to download the extension? I assume you've tried "Run as administrator?"

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            BruceKelley Level 1

            Thanks for your response and suggestions.

            Yes, I did "run as administrator."

            I did try downloading the extension again, both in Firefox (the one used before) and IE 8.

            The Firefox download had the same behavior, but the IE one worked. Very, very weird.

            Anyway, it is installed now and all seems good.

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              unique_screenname_here Level 3

              Yeah, I've heard of one other case where an extension manager installer downloaded with Firefox failed to run. I've not been able to nail down the cause of the problem. Would you please provide me more info about the Firefox build you were using.What version of Firefox are you running? Do you have any Firefox extensions installed and, if so, what ones? Any other information about your Firefox installation would also be helpful. Thanks.

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                BruceKelley Level 1

                I don't think there's anything really unusual about my installation. Maybe a few extra add-ins, but nothing really weird as far as I know. I keep it all updated. I also use Avast Antivirus and Spybot Search and Destroy, both of which are up-to-date.


                My Firefox is version 3.6.10, running on 64-bit Windows 7.

                "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 Firefox/3.6.10"



                BetterPrivacy 1.48.3

                CookieSafe 3.0.5

                Flash and Video Download 0.1

                Java Console 6.0.20

                Java Console 6.0.21

                Web Developer 1.1.8



                Wacom Dynamic Link Library

                Adobe Acrobat

                DivX Player Netscape Plugin

                DivX Web Player

                Google Talk Plugin

                Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator

                iTunes Application Detector

                Java Deployment Toolkit

                Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U21

                Microsoft Office 2010 14.0.4730.1010

                Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin

                Mozilla Default Plug-in


                QuickTime Plug-in


                Shockwave Flash

                Silverlight Plug-In 4.0.50917.0

                Windows Genuine Advantage

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                  unique_screenname_here Level 3

                  Thanks for the feedback. I'll update this thread if I'm able to reproduce the failure. Cheers.