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    Publish Presentaiton outside our Network

    SRGsMom Level 1
      We have a server with connect on it...published PP's are saved to that server and create a URL with ....company-connect/blah.loc and this is only viewable by internal staff. We cannot post this on our external site because users get login screens and doesn't let them access the site. I know it can be done...at a lot of people publish these presentations on the web. Can someone point me in the right direction??

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          John K. Level 1
          There are two ways - depending on your Connect server set-up:

          1. From within Connect > click the "Content" menu > Click on the presentation you want to publish > Click "set permissions" > Click "yes" to "Allow public viewing".

          2. From within the Presenter menu in Powerpoint > publish > to desktop. Then you will get the Presentation files on your desktop > Publish them from any webserver.

          Both methods might be disabled. In that case - talk to your Connect Admin :-)

          John K.
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            sean@realeyes.com Level 1

            Clarifying option #2 a little more:

            You can also save your presentations in Presenter locally (desktop), and select under Output Options > "zip files" - which is not checked as a default. Once you have this zip file, you don't need to even publish it to Connect, you can put it on most web servers to run for you. If you go this route, there will not be any authentication, however, you won't have answer tracking (unless the web server is SCORM/AICC)
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              John K. Level 1
              That's correct - thanks Sean.

              And one more thing: Option #2 is disabled in the trail version.

              John K.