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    What's it called - Q about drop-down menus

    turner111 Level 1
      Hi -

      I'm trying to find out the name/technique for the situation in which, for example, you use a drop-down menu to make a selection, and the selection "configures" the selections in the next drop-down menu.

      For example, if you have two drop-down menus - "Shape" and "Height" - and if you can choose Round or Square, and round comes in 24", 48", or 56", and Square only comes in 24" or 48", and the user chooses Square in the first drop-down, they will not see the 56" choice in the "Height" pulldown.

      I realize there are probably a LOT of ways to do this, but I'm looking for something relatively basic to start with.

      Any help/suggestions appreciated!