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    AS 3.0 - using ExternalInterface.call to open a .pdf


      Hi - using Flash - AS 3.0:


      I am trying to use ExternalInterface.call to open a .pdf file - but it is not working - nothing is happening...


         ExternalInterface.call ("window.open","diagrams/v1/crh.pdf", "WindowName", params);


      but this line DOES work - call an .html file to open.
         ExternalInterface.call ("window.open","m5_quiz/v1/quiz.html", "WindowName", params);


      I can't find any information that says this should or shouldn't work - it seems to me it should open it.


      To get around this - I have been using 'navigateToURL' to open the pdf file - but that triggers the pop-up blocker - using the External Interface call does not.


      Any help/ideas?