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    Pr8 crashing when trying to upload/share to youtube


      Hi all

      I have a small problem with the share/crash bug

      I have uploaded a few vidoe's to youtube prior to this bug with no problems at all,

      but i recently upgraded my webrowser wich i think is the problem here, i was using an old i:e browser but now have the up to date one,

      which was needed for facebook.

      But since before that i had no problems with uploading.

      Also half the help functions do not work properly anymore, I also updated the nvidia drivers to 258.96 32bit win xp which is the system i am using.

      Soon as i hit the share button i get a msg,

      Sorry a serious error has occured that requires Adobe Premiere Elements to shut down, we will attempt to save your current project.

      and it is now starting to annoy me, i want it back to how it used to be.

      I also get the red cross bottom left corner now stating the video will be poor due to incorrect driver or malfunctioning graphic card, although this doe's not crash me and things seem to work fine still apart from the share'ing bit.

      Any help would be wonderful.

      P:s how do i get the crash Data off the crash report as it will not let me access the blue tag bottom left corner of the report.

      Regards sdl




      AMD Athlon(tm)64x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ 2.60 Ghz

      3Gig of System Ram DDR2 i think off hand

      Nvidia Geforce 260 Gtx Pci express graphics card x16 896 Gddr3 ram

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          nealeh Level 5

          Roll back your browser and video drivers to the versions that worked before and see if things work smoothly again.

          • If they do, update the browser and see if things still work smoothly.
            • If they do then stick with that and wait for the NVIDIA 260 drivers that should be released soon
            • If they don't roll back the browser to the previous version.
          • If they don't uninstall then reinstall PRE8.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Meantime, with a machine that fast, I'm assuming you've also got hundreds of gigabytes of free space on your hard drive and that you keep it defragmented, right? If not, that could lead to these kinds of issues.


            Also, can you output an MOV file using Share/Personal Computer/MOV and then use the settings described by John Cloudman in the FAQs to the right of the forum?



            If so, you can always just load this file up to YouTube and it will give you excellent results.


            Meantime, if the program is choking on this too, you've got something serious going on that's deeper than the program. It could be related to your source files or a mismatch of your project's settings and your video files.


            But if you can output this MOV okay, go to Premiere Elements Edit/Preferences and ensure you have the latest web settings.


            That's no guarantee it will fix it, of course. YouTube is an elusive beast that's continually changing its requirements. But at least you'll know where the problem lies. And you can always just create an MOV and upload it manually.

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              sdl1965 Level 1

              Thank you all for your help


              But has been sorted now,

              I just did'nt think of the restore points in xp although i clean those out alot almost every week i could not use them due to the closest point beingg just after i installed a 3d program i had for years and found out it works perfect with my photo elements 8 they fit together like a glove, So i chose the painful root of deleting & re-installing pre8 and soon as did that it went straight through to youtube no problems. so i still put it down to  microsoft  I:E so thanks again.


              Also steve i have only about a total of 140 gig internal drive space on 4 internal hdd  mainly seagate baracuders,

              as my machine is setup for running high end graphics in lord of the rings online which is very demanding on cpu ram and even more on graphics i can still only get very high quality ingame but the pc is not man enough to run in ultra high as of yet.. But i do store alot of stuff on a 500 gig ex-ternal drive and just import what i need when i need it, which allows me alot of internal free space.


              Also on the upside it allows me to run photoshop elements 8,  pre8, soundbooth and cool3d all at the same time with 1 exception i have to shut 2 programs down when i render in cool 3d or i get 0.04 fps on render and if i set a new application i made to 250 frames that 0.04 is a killer in time wise.


              Also steve i need some info on your book will it cover aspects in pr8 as i have no plans on upgrading to pr9 as i really want after effects cs5 it's just the price tagg thats killing me about it atm so it will be awhile before it arrives at my door. I use pr8 for ingame movies and i really want to know more about the keyframes in staberliser and anything that takes the jerkyness out of my movies.


              A typical example is when i use my ingame cam to take footage I:E say 5 mins worth of motion footage i can play it straight back in realplayer fine no jerks and its smooth, soon as i import it to pr8 income the jerkyness effects, some i can iron out but if there to intense it's almost impossible to iron them out so i have to go re-make new footage = more time lost and i could still have the same end result.


              Also is it possible to create vidieo through text, or would i need a more powerful program like after effects for that?.


              Those are the main key-features i am looking for info on if possible.

              Kind regards


              Sorry about the essay there.

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                sdl1965 Level 1

                I almost forgot i still get that little red cross in

                the bottom left of the screen about the video driver but IMO i cannot see any diffrences in quality and it' doe's not crash me or anything,

                well atleast it has not upto now. It only appears on first launch of the pre8 and when i close it off i wont see it again till i close down and re-launch pre8.