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    Can Not Share a QuickTime file in PE8

    Beany from Brooklyn


      Dell XPS, i7 CPU, 6gig RAM, Win7 64bit

      Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (I tried to install 8.01 update and it says the program is up to date but the About window still says 8.0)

      1,14TB, 2 disks as Raid 0, 187 gig free., HD WEI – 5.9

      NVIDA GeForce 889 GTS, latest drivers (, 320mb RAM, Graphics WEI – 6.7

      Dual Monitor setup

      Apple QuickTime v7.6.8


      Assets & Project:

      All projects, new, or old. Any content (video or just images or a combination of both)




      I cannot create a QuickTime movie from a project. It tells me the (when I go to the choose location and setting window) “Export Settings Invalid” and I cannot do anything in that window except to the back button. The preset dropdown is empty.

      Please see the pciture.

      I can not share with a Mac right now and need to do so.

      Thanks in advance


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I said in your earlier thread, your hard drive is very full, so make sure you've given it a fresh defrag so that all of your free space is contiguous. (Deleting tmp and other junk files is also a good idea, per the maintenance regimen in my books in and in our FAQs.)


          Your panel seems awful small. Does resizing it larger make any difference in the number of options that are available?


          I see you have the latest version of Quicktime. That's good.


          But you may need to uninstall and reinstall Premiere Elements. It appears that something didn't quite take.