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    livecycle orderform subform details and naming rows


      I am trying to insert data into a pdf for an order form.
      The initial form part works fine (PO number, name, company, etc).

      I am running onto difficulty populating the subform details though. I have a table wrapped in a subform called "details". The table is called "table1". Then the row with the row data is called "row1".
      a) How should I set this up in livecycle for all of the rows to be taken into account?
      b) And what should my data for each row look like (I'm using coldfusion)?



      for part b) should the data look like this?

      pdfDescription: apples

      pdfQuantity: 2.0000


      pdfDescription: oranges

      pdfQuantity: 5.0000


      or like this?

      pdfDescription1: apples

      pdfQuantity1: 2.0000


      pdfDescription2: oranges

      pdfQuantity2: 5.0000


      or something else?