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    Areca Arc-1210 SATA ll vs Arc-1212 SAS/SATA ll




      I was thinking to get a Arc-1210 card to make an internal raid 3 with my 4 samsung F3 1TBSATA ll. During

      my research about where to buy the card, i found the Arc-1212 with better bus speed and support SAS/SATA ll

      peripheral devices for just  few bucks more. So I was thinking to get the 1212.


      I contacted Areca to verify the usability of my samsung F3 with the Arc-1212 card. they wrote me back:


      both 1210 and 1212 are 3Gbp controllers, one important difference between
      1210 and 1212 is the 1210 is a SATA controller and the 1212 is a SAS
      the 1212 SAS controller use newer processor than 1210 used, faster and more
      throughputs, so you may got higher performance on 1212 if your drives have
      higher throughput than 1210 can handle.

      but because the 1212 is a SAS controller which mean it may not fully
      compatible with SATA drives like SATA controllers did. and the drive you
      used is desktop drives which may not reliable enough for array application.
      so i can not tell you use 1212 with these drives is a good configuration or


      With this answer from Areca i still get no clear answer if it will work. I found a lot of information for

      the arc-1210 on this forum and it seems to be a good purchase but mostly nothing about the 1212.

      Someone made successful job with the Arc 1212 with F3 Drive or with other sata drive? or knows where I

      can find the answer ?