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    Fireworks HTML and CS5


      When I insert-->image objects--> Fireworks HTML into Dreamweaver CS5, the navigation bar doesn't show the change of states. I also have Internet Explorer 8. Does anyone know if there is an issue between the two programs. It works fine with CS3 and earlier version of  IE.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          Show us your page, please - we'd need to see the code.

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            bayviewwhs Level 1

            I can do that tomorrow at work. A page created in Dreamweaver CS5 in a classroom with Internet Explorer 8 will not display the navigation bar created with Fireworks CS5.  When I take the same file to a different classroom computer lab  without IE8, the pages view perfectly. The page is not on a server as it is for a school project and hasn't been uploaded, but I can zip the file and email them it that's ok.


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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Please - no email.  Why?  Because this is a public forum, and everyone can benefit when things are kept public.  If you send me the files, then we are no longer public.


              If you can't mount the page somewhere accessible from the internet, then copy the code and paste it into a reply.  That's a poor second choice, but it may be good enough to diagnose the problem.


              Does the page's code validate when you send it here - http://validator.w3.org?

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                I have the same problem.. with CS5 Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Fireworks HTML imported into Dreamweaver for a menu bar. HIGHLITE (rollover) state doesn't show. Worked fine in last several versions of Dreamweaver and Fireworks, not in CS5. I get around the problem by working on those files using CS4 on another computer. Again... works just fine in CS4 and earlier... not CS5, so this is a real CS5 bug that needs to be fixed.


                I suspect the required java scripts are not being imported from CS5 Fireworks html and written to the Dreamworks html.


                The price we pay for this software, this is not acceptable.

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The price we pay for this software, this is not acceptable.


                  No.  It's the price paid for letting a graphics app build HTML and rollovers for you.  Optimally, you should use graphic apps for IMAGES only.  Use DW to apply rollover behaviors if needed.


                  That said, there are some compelling reasons for NOT using image based menu systems.


                  1) They're a chore to edit b/c you have to re-build your entire menu in your graphics app. every time your site changes.  This gets old quick.


                  2) They not as web/search engine friendly as CSS styled text links.


                  3) People who have images disabled in their web device won't see them.


                  4) Eventually you or the person who maintains the site will reach a point where menus don't get updated regularly b/c they're a PITA to work with.


                  In short, you should use a CSS menu system or the Spry Menus that come with DW.  Insert > Spry > Spry Menu.  CSS styled menus are interactive, customizable, web friendly and easy to maintain in DW.





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                    I see your point and respect your opinion, but it still should work. Period.