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    Interaction between Actionscript 2 application and Actionscript 3 application

    Amitabh Arya Level 1



                    I got a project to refectoring. Its coded in as2. As One application (TabManager) has 5-6 tabs, and loading different swfs (coded in as2) at click on different tabs. Then according to user interactions, the loaded swfs are interacting with tabmanager (main swf) file like calling functions and sending objects and tabManager swf is also interacting with its loaded swfs. In short, All swfs are interacting each other.


      Now, I have to develop two application, one is the main application "TabManager" and other one is 3rd (one application out of 5-6 applications, whose are loading in tabmanager) loaded application in tabManager.


      To make the long story short, I need to load action script 2 coded applications under a action script 3 application and need to call each other function and send object type data.


      So, please suggest the best options, One I know is LocalConnection class.


      Is there any other better way to interact between as2 and as3.