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    Problem using imported effects


      Hi I have a small problem using imported effects on after effects cs4


      Usually,  I can just import effects in quicktime format (such as from riot gear, or action essentials), and they have worked fine.

      But recently, after I had to copy these effects to a new computer, the 'frame' of the effect stays there.

      So for example, riot gear has an effect that in quick time appears as a white ink blot appearing on a black background.

      But when I import it into aftereffects and place it on, say, a red background, the black square background stays there (with the white ink still flowing properly)

      I've been working with after effects for several months, and think it might just be that its some copyright measure built in to prevent people from sharing the effects, but I'm probably overlooking something really stupid.

      Any suggestions at all? Thank you in advance.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You use the word 'effects' throughout your post, but I'm pretty sure that what you're referring to aren't effects. See this page for information about what effects are.


          Because you're referring to items in "QuickTime format", you must be referring to footage items, by which I mean movie files imported into After Effects.


          If you're seeing white on a black background, but you expect to just see white without a black background, then either a) the movie has an alpha channel and you have After Effects set to ignore it or b) the movie is intended to be used as a track matte (specifically, a luma matte).


          I strongly recommend that you work through the materials here so that you can learn the basics and the standard terminology:


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