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    Can't get imported library items to appear on stage




      I am new here and I am trying to get my imported library images to appear on the stage. I am using the CS4 version and when I click on the library item and drag it to the stage, there is nothing there. It is just a blank canvas and it's like the image(s) are hidden behind the stage or something. When I do a Publish Preview, I can see the .swf file with all the images, but in the .fla, there is nothing showing but the text files, and then that is even hidden in a newly created file. I am not sure if I accidently turned something on/off that is preventing my images from not showing on the stage or what. I really need to find a solution to this problem because I need to create a Flash file for a project I am working on in one of my classes. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have done Google searches and Forum searches to no avail unless I'm not using the right keywords in my search. I have downloaded every available update that is out there for Adobe and it didn't fix my issue. Thanks in advance.