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    CF Builder PlugIn killed by Adobe Updater


      I recently re-installed CF Builder as a plugin to FB4 on a Mac. Before doing that, I completely uninstalled the standalone, including all preferences and hidden files.Things were working just fine for over a week until today. First I got a couple of strange Java errors right after trying to stop a debug session. So I restarted FB4 and continued working. Then up popped the Adobe Updater saying it had "Update 1" for CF Builder ready to install. I thought I already installed it but wasn't sure so I said ok. Big mistake. After it finished the install, I rebooted FB4 and now every file tab that had a CF page open has a big red square and an error that says it can't find the right editor.


      What do I do now? Can I back out the update? Is there a setting I need to change?