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    Link to other project - CAPS error

    Rumbalara Level 1

      Using Captivate 3 and publishing as htm/swf files


      I have created a menu - each button links to another Captivate project (that is a .cp file)


      One of the 5 buttons was linked to Create_send_email.cp.


      Button Properties.gif

      To publish in our LMS I renamed the file create_send_email.cp. (It prefers all lower case)

      Captivate won't allow me to change the link.

      Every time I delete the Create_send_email Project, and browse to select the create_send_email.cp project it simple reinstates the upper case C.


      Btw I havbe browsed the KBase and the forums... and I gether there is an issue with linking to other projects. Also read about the cache in Captivate 5 but perhaps not relevant here??