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    Presenter Freezes on Publish

    Steve from Mogrify Studio Level 1

      I just installed Presenter on my PC. I'm running Windows 7 with Office 2007.


      When I go to publish my presentation - it freezes when it starts creating the .swf - I have to force close the program and when I relaunch PowerPoint, I get a message that says "Powerpoint experienced a serious problem with the Adobe Presenter Powerpoint com addin. If you have seen this message multiple times you should disable this add-in and check to see if an update is available" And asks if I want to disable it.


      I dont want to disable it, I want to use it and have it work


      I've updated Presenter to 7.0.1 and Flash to 10.1


      Anyway, I can't find a way around this. Suggestions/Solutions?