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    Android Video Streaming to RTMP Server




      I am trying to publish a video to an RTMP Server but it doesn't publish. It might be a pre-release bug. I am able to play a NetStream but not able to publish one. Is there a sandbox issue? I'm not sure. Because, the FMS RTMP Server will not let a client connect unless it has been downloaded from the same host as the server (something like a sandbox condition).


      I'm not sure if this is the problem. If so, can there be a workaround using RTMP Authentication?




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          savimonty Level 1

          I'm sorry, but I forgot to be more specific. I am trying to live stream from my Android Nexus One to an FMServer 3.5.



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            mopar93 Level 1

            I know this is an old thread, but I thought you might be interested to know that I have successfully created an Android app called BigVEncoder that can stream live Flash video to a media server using RTMP. It can stream H264 video and AAC or MP3 audio in the FLV format.


            Maybe this will make everyone rethink about not trying to kill off Flash video in the near future. This app streams live from your Android camera and microphone in realtime. You can find it in the Android Market at:





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              RalucaGrig Level 1

              Have you managed with the video streaming to RTMP server?


              If not, you could always try other alternatives, as in third parties that can provide what you are asking for within minutes.

              In this sense, I highly recommend to you Streamaxia's services. I personally worked with them for some time now and they never disappoint. The costs are low and the work provided by them is professional.

              You can also try OpenSDK live video streaming library for Android that is integrated in just a matter of seconds into your app.

              In this way, you'll have all of the authentication you need, free of bugs and other issues.


              I really hope this helps. Good luck and happy streaming!

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