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    Include all classes option keeps being reverted, but why ?

    Benoit "Flapflap" Milgram

      Hi all,


      Here is my config:


      Flash Builder 4 Pro with Perforce plug-in.

      Around 10 projects and 5 libraries all versionned in P4.

      Flex SDK 3.5 but I don't think it's related (but who knows ^^)...


      So we have this huge common library project and every time we're getting the latest revision or clean the workspace the option to "Include All Classes" is reverted so we lose some classes and have a lot of errors.


      All the project files (flex and eclipses one) are checked out on our local machine so they are writable and are never updated on "Get Latest".


      Any idea of why we always have to go back to this option and re set it ?


      Thanks a lot