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    Auto tone in Lightroom 3 unusable - have to 'auto tone' the image in CS4 for correct tonal quality.

    R_a_V_e_N Level 1

      The 'Auto Tone' in Lightroom 3.2 never gives me the correct tone, that I'm looking for in my image. It'll either make the overall image too dark, or over-brighten it in unrealistic colours.


      I always have to go out of Lightroom and edit/auto tone my image in Photoshop CS4, which gets it spot-on just about every time, especially with my studio shoots. In Lightroom 3 the backgound/overall image stays dull looking, while in CS4 it automatically brings out the crisp white of the background.


      I also use OnOne PhotoTools 2.53 Professional Edition, where I see the Auto Tone matches CS4 exactly - Lightroom 3 however definitely uses a different algorithm, which is not useful for me at all and makes for much longer editing times.


      Example 1 (image auto toned in CS4):

      Auto Tune (1 of 2).jpg


      Example 2 (image auto toned in Lightroom 3.2):

      Auto Tune (2 of 2).jpg