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    Auto tone in Lightroom 3 unusable - have to 'auto tone' the image in CS4 for correct tonal quality.


      The 'Auto Tone' in Lightroom 3.2 never gives me the correct tone, that I'm looking for in my image. It'll either make the overall image too dark, or over-brighten it in unrealistic colours.


      I always have to go out of Lightroom and edit/auto tone my image in Photoshop CS4, which gets it spot-on just about every time, especially with my studio shoots. In Lightroom 3 the backgound/overall image stays dull looking, while in CS4 it automatically brings out the crisp white of the background.


      I also use OnOne PhotoTools 2.53 Professional Edition, where I see the Auto Tone matches CS4 exactly - Lightroom 3 however definitely uses a different algorithm, which is not useful for me at all and makes for much longer editing times.


      Example 1 (image auto toned in CS4):

      Auto Tune (1 of 2).jpg


      Example 2 (image auto toned in Lightroom 3.2):

      Auto Tune (2 of 2).jpg