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    upgrade from premiere 6.5 OEM


      Hi Guys,


      I have premiere 6.5 - its an OEM that came with my Pinnacle DV500 dvd.  I'm looking to get CS5, either the Production suite or master collection, and wanted to find out more about upgrades vs. new purchase.


      -  First - can I even upgrade an OEM version?


      -  Am I able to buy any upgrade pack from a local store or are there different packs depending on which product / version you're upgrading from?


      -  If I went an upgrade route, would I be able to ever sell / give away the DV500 with 6.5 disks or would I have to keep them as long as I have the cs5 stuff?




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          akribie Level 2

          There is little residual value in DV500-type cards and ancient software like Premiere 6.5  now that computers are fast enough to handle video unaidied and old software doesn't always work with more modern operating systems


          I seem to recall that Adobe limit upgrades to two versions back, but maybe I have it wrong.  Best to call Adobe Sales and ask.

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            jimclark1947 Level 1

            While the DV500 card may not be as valuable today as it was 7-8 years ago, some people are still using them.  I sold mine on eBay for a nice sum when I finally moved up from Premiere 6.5, so you might try that to offset some of the cost to get CS5.

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