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    Type size in px and other matters

    motiondude Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm working on a project in FW CS4 and noticed a few things. Besides that FW is not always very responsive, I have some type issues I'd like to discuss.


      1. In CS4 you can't set the type size in px. Can someone confirm if this is possible in CS5? Now I have to recalculate everything back and forth to make it work.


      2. The type in text boxes has quite a margin on the left. i.e. the type starts quite a few px form the boundingbox line. When using guidelines you can easily nudge the text box a 3px or so before the type hits the guidelines. Is there a fix for that or is this resolved only in CS5?


      3. When I export a page as pdf it all looks a bit wooly and not as sharp as in the FW document. I using this compression setting: jpeg > high. How can I fix this?


      4. When the pdf comes out is has a biger size @100% view than the orginal FW document. Is there a rule of thumb percentage that I have to give to reduce the pdf file to have the exact measurements as the FW file @100%?


      Thanks in advance!