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    photo gallery with autoplay and stop


      I'm in the process of creating a photogallery without thumbs and wants it to autoplay when I hit the autoplay button, that part I manage to do but then I also want to be able to click on the same button and make it stop and that I do not know how to do. Do I do that in Catalyst or do I have to do that in Flash Builder??


      Anyone that knows how to do this or knows of any tutorials??

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          hello anna.78, I am a complete novice but have managed a similair slideshow to what your asking about.



          This can be done by first creating a generic custom component on the first page of your project with a different state for each picture

          Then set an action sequence "on application start" with "set state" actions (3) to change the pictures from 1 to 2 , 2 to 3, and 3 to 1.

          Then save the project and close.

          Open the .FXP file with win rar (or similiar) and go to src>main.mxml - open this file with a text editor

          Then find the line "<s:Parallel id="Sequence1">  and change it to "<s:Parallel id="Sequence1" effectEnd="Sequence1.play()">"

          Save this file and re-open the FXP in catalyst

          Now, this component will loop contiously

          Now, just continue your project as you would, and make a button to transistion to or from the page with that component on it

          Then make a page for each image that matches the component states


          For the "pause or stop" button, you could just make a "pause" button with the action "transition to pageXX when in component statexx"

          (it would then just appear to stop, but really be showing the page that looks the same instead of the component state)


          The only problem is there would be a lot of interactions if you have a lot of pictures.


          I know my instructions are not great but that should get you going,

          Proboly a better way to do this, I am hoping someone corrects me so I can learn as well?



          hope this helps? (sorry for any mis-spellings-hehe)