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    Conditional Text, IDML, how?

    Joni Lappalainen


      I have setup a ConditionalText in IDML like this:




      <Condition IndicatorMethod="UseUnderline" Name="STD" Self="Condition/STD" UnderlineIndicatorAppearance="Wavy" Visible="true">


            <IndicatorColor type="enumeration">Green</IndicatorColor>



      <ConditionalTextPreference ActiveConditionSet="n" ShowConditionIndicators="ShowIndicators"/>




      <CharacterStyleRange AppliedCharacterStyle="CharacterStyle/$ID/[No character style]" AppliedConditions="Condition/STD">





      When I open the idml in InDesign I can see the condition in the list but the text I conditioned is NOT conditioned.

      If I export the idml the CharacterStyleRange has disappeared.. What goes wrong here? IDML specification didn't help...

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          Andreas Fink

          Hi Joni,


          how did you do the IDML manipulation ?


          It could be that the serialized Story file is not the way InDesign expects it, read : Attributes or/and elements are in the wrong order.

          We had similiar problems when we used a standard XML serializer in the IDMLlib to save modified IDML XML files.

          We ended up writing our own XML serializer to do it the way InDesign likes it.


          From the IDML specification:

          4 INX, IDML, and InDesign Scripting


          IDML requires that some elements and attributes appear in certain order, while scripting DOM can be viewed as random access.







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