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    List dataProvider not updating if user clicks too fast




      I've got a list of employee names on my screen. When I click on one, various components all over the screen get updated with the details of that employee. One of the things that gets updated is another mx:List that contains the 'roles' for the selected employee. This works fine normally.


      However if I rapidly click between employees, occasionally the role list does not get updated with the details for the employee I selected. It keeps the values for the previous employee. Admittedly I have to click between employees many times very quickly for this to happen.


      However it is a problem because it can give misleading information about the employee whose details I think I am looking at. And the real users are (rightly) complaining.


      I've traced through the code, and the variable assigned to the dataProvider property is always set to the correct value. It just seems as if the mx:List component can't keep up, and doesn't update itself.


      Is there anything I can do about this?