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    Premiere Elements 8.0 project and clip previews blank!


      I've recently purchased a copy of Premiere Elements 8.0, as I have a big film project that needed to be edited and can't afford Premiere!


      Anyways, I started editing last night and unfortunately we had a power cut and my computer switched off. Before this I could preview clips (mpegs) to see which parts I'd like to add to my timeline and could preview the project (audio AND visual). But now when I've reopened the project the preview is blank (black) and plays audio, or sometimes it plays with a turquoise flashing background - again audio can be heard but I cannot view the video. Same with clips. Plays audio but I cannot see the video.


      Any tips to fix this? It worked fine before, but now no preview!



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          nealeh Level 5

          Uninstall PRE8 and then reinstall it.


          You say 'recently purchased'  - it would be well worth your while to see if you are eligible for a 'complimentary upgrade' to PRE9 as the newer version is reputed to be far more stable than PRE8. If not eligible but you purchased within the last thirty days I suggest you go for the 30-day money back guarantee and get PRE9.


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