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    CS5 on a Mac is automatically changing my capture to wrong format

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      I am using Premiere Pro CS5 version on an iMac with a Canon XHA1 camera shooting DV  on mini dv tapes using firewire.  We've had it for a few months now with no problem or issue but about a month ago it will randomly start capturing in a different format.  It should come in as 720x480 but occassionaly it will come in at 873x480 so it is all stretched and weirdly wide screen. 


      When it is capturing it looks no different, no indication that is will capture 873x480 and not 720 until after it is captured and I look at it and it is wrong.  I have not changed any settings done nothing different.


      Yesterday I started a new project, captured 40 minutes worth of an interview and it was messed up.  So I closed the project and opened it back up and captured a minute or two and it was fine, it was 720x480 so I captured the rest of the tape and it came in messed up.  Shut down again started back up and evenutally got the whole thing captured properly by breaking it into two capture session and shut the project down and started back up inbetween the two capture sessions.


      The next time I get onto the computer and capture something I have no problem.  It is happening more often, but not everytime. NO settings have been changed at all on either the camera or premiere, I have presets set up on everything.  Please help, what is going on?