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    Wrong display of dates  in Forms


      I  have a problem  with  dates entered into a form .     I  enter  the  dates  in " English numbers "  but they are displayed in  "Arabic numbers " .


      I use the  phrase " English numbers  " for the number system used in  W Europe  and N America   and I use the phrase "Arab numbers"  for  the number system used in Arab counties .


      All  non  date  number   fields  in the forms   are  displayed correctly in English .


      I am   resident in Bahrain .


      To try  to solve this   I  removed the old version of Acrobat  Reader  and installed   Acrobat Reader  9.4.0  . At the time of installation I chose English  as the language  .


      This problem occurs both in a form  I received from UK Companies House and also  a form received from the Chinese embassy .