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    Put the help files back with the program.


      I understand the reasoning behind Adobe wanting to have have an up to date help system online. I applaud them for them actually implementing it.


      I work for a company that, due to the nature of the business, has computers that absolutely cannot be hooked up to the internet. This wholly and completely breaks the help-chain. The reason to have integrated help is to get an instant solution to a problem.


      I spent the afternoon locating and downloading all the .pdf help files for Master Collection (those that I could find) so I could get them on these systems. It still negates any kind of context sensitive help. Now, it's a 'book', and takes longer to find the information one is looking for. Where before one could hit F1, now it's locate the pdf, open it, do a search on a keyword, cycle through the hits to find the exact result.  Bring it back please. Put the help files back in with the programs with context sensitive help.


      In the mean time, I have a suggestion: Group all the current help files together for the different Collections on one page.


      Why? It will make finding them all that much easier (and save about an hour or two) for people that have to do the exact same thing I did today in one cohesive location. Zip them up.


      MasterCollectionHelp.zip <- contains all current help .pdfs for all products in the Master Collection Suite

      ProductionPremiumHelp.zip <- contains all current help .pdfs for all products in the Production Premuium Suite



      I'm sure someone could blend all the PDFs into one large Master Collection PDF... and likewise for all the other bundled products.



      --Keith Casey