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    Motion Tracking on spinning objects


      I have a client interested in having his seven employees on camera with writing on their shirts. They turn around and the letters change to a new message and then they turn around again with another new message.

      Can this be done with motion tracking? Would I just put tracking points on their shirts? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. That would either require proper 3D matchmoving or motion control combined with quite elaborate 3D animation or at least rather complicated 3D compositing to match a 3D plane to the shirt and replace the text or tons of warps and morphs to match perspective. If kept simple, there might be a chance to do a manual matchmove and kinda pin a few layers in sort of a fake 3D on the people, but that still would require a lot of fiddling and those shirts better sit snugly or else the wrinkles will drive you mad. So for what it's worth: If there is no way to do this in camera by changing shirts and matching poses plus a bit of corrective warping in post to disguise the transitions, this will be way over your head, both technically and with regards to the budget this probably has...



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            COGOProductions Level 1

            Thank you for your comments. I may try something old school: with shirts that actually change.