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    AE CS5 is not using Multiple Cores


      I have a six core Intel I7 980X machine which i've got running at over 4GHz, yet AE is completely not making use of this speed.
      I've turned on "Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously", and set it to use all cores (it detects 12 because of hyper threading on the I7 CPU's) and this does nothing for both the Preview window/working area or when actually rendering a video in the Render Queue. It uses about 9% at most of my CPU, that's not even 2 full cores.


      I also have two SSD drives in RAID 0, they're Crucial C300 SSD's, pretty much the fastest you can get, infinitely faster than any Hard Drive, yet again... not making use of these it seems. I also have 12GB DDR3 running at 2GHz, i've set AE to use 9GB of it, as much as it will allow.... yet i cant even work with HD 1080p material and get near to smooth performance or even play it smoothly with or without effects applied, atleast with the video/viewer window near to 1080p size. Really pathetic. Premiere Pro on the other hard does a much better job but still dont fully make use of the speed and cores available. Adobe Media Encoder also does not use all cores.
      Other software and even games make way better use of these cores than Adobe software seems to.


      I've got two ATI 5870 graphics cards in Crossfire mode, they have the latest drivers. Performance is like this on any driver version though, but as far as i know none of this software makes use of the GPU's like it does with certain CUDA based Nvidia cards. I'd still like it to actually make use of my other hardware though.


      I'm most bothered about AE, so any ideas why AE CS5 is [edited] so badly?


      This is on Win7 x64.
      Thanks for your help!

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Read this and the pages that it points to:

          "FAQ: What are the optimum memory settings for best performance in After Effects?"


          The upshot is that you don't have anywhere near enough RAM to feed the number of processors that you have. You need to set After Effects to only use a few of the processors and make sure that each rendering process has enough RAM.

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            Beany3001 Level 1

            By default AE was only using one core it seems, but even when it was on that setting i noticed no difference at all.
            I'll have a read of the links on the FAQ post, thanks for that, but if i cant get things to improve much then AE is almost unusable by my standards for 1080p content, which is really ridiculous considering i have a faster system than 99.999% of people out there.

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              Beany3001 Level 1

              I've atleast made the renderer work a little faster by ticking "Enable OpenGL" in the Render Settings, and increasing the amount of used graphics card RAM to 800MB.


              I also tried doing what those Blog posts said in the FAQ links - It has not helped much, if at all. So i tried a few different other RAM settings too, which didn't really help.
              Then i put the video files on my SSD drives, and that helped a little. But not much difference still overall, very unimpressed with AE CS5 performance. It's took me hours to put together a 1min 30secs video that has 6 video files in total with some lens blur and colour grading effects applied, that's just silly, even for often slow Adobe software.

              Cant see this happening but i'd like it if Adobe almost completely focus on performance for CS6 and hardly add any new features. While also making use of the speed of Solid State Drives and having GPU's also made use of more. I mean my SSD's are capable of reading around 600MB/sec and doing 40,000 I/O's per second but none of this is being made use of.

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Ah ha!


                Lens Blur.


                See this page.


                You should make a habit of watching the Info panel for useful information. It would have told you that the reason that Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing was not working was because of this incompatible effect.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Oh, and don't use OpenGL. Really. Just don't. See this.

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                    Beany3001 Level 1

                    Ah yeah i see it saying that now in the info panel.


                    So... some effects are miltithreaded and others are not.. why is that? (edit: dont worry i just read that page linked!)


                    Also would it be possible to use the GPU in a future version to do pretty much all of the encoding? or atleast with Adobe Media Encoder.
                    Badaboom software for instance uses Nvidia GPU's to encode many times faster... the results are not great though, image quality wise, but they're improving with each version.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      AE uses OpenGL, not CUDA, so no, you won't see GPU-based encodes any time soon. Any such stuff at this point is reserved for specialized apps or plug-ins and support for it is optional and up to the vendor.



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                        Beany3001 Level 1

                        It doesn't have to use Nvidia's CUDA though, ATI has there own video encoding software for there graphics cards with of course don't support CUDA.
                        But wouldn't it be possible to have video encoding software that uses GPU's from both ATI and Nvidia? For instance couldn't it use the new OpenCL language thats similar to CUDA and not vendor specific? Most graphics cards up to a few years old will already work with OpenCL.

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                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                          ATI uses Compute, which is their own version of CUDA, so it's no different on some Level. Yes, OpenCL will eventually become the stanbdard for this, but that's a few years down the road. Also, OpenCL is a meta framework which may still include OpenGL, CUDA, Compute, C++/C# etc. native stuff, so it will not magically resolve all these issues. The programmers wil lstill have to obey specific rules.



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                            Navarro Parker Level 3

                            It would be really helpful if plug-ins that don't support MP could have an asterisk or some special symbol in the name.


                            I've gone in and simply removed those plug-ins completely.