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    Flash Security Warning

    DEPearson Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am working on a action script that calls an asp file to retrieve the xml feed from a database to load a slide show. Here is the call copy.

      var localDomain:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection()
      myLocalDomain = localDomain.domain()
      mypath = " http://www." + myLocalDomain + "/getflash.asp"

      The domain comes back as myplace.com, so I have to append " http://www." to the front of it. If I enter just myPlace.com into the web browser I get a security warning saying www.myplace.com is trying to access myplace.com. If I drop the www bit from mypath I get the reverse.

      Currently I left it with the www bit in. This is not a solid solution. The site has over 15 domain names. A server setting that appends www, maybe?

      Thanks, Look forward to any input

      David Pearson