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    Connect to Data/Service for local embedded SQLite DB


      I love Flex and the possibilites of the solution. But one feature I miss and I don't understand ADOBE why they don't offer a solution for this matter.

      Adobe Flex offers solution to "Connect to Data/Services" linke PHP, ColdFusion, etc.. But not one solution able to to connect to a enbedded SQLite (or even SQL) Database used in AIR without start to coding. Not everybody want's to go into the "Cloud World" with all the private data. Even a http://localhost is not the solution. All I want is to build a simple application with a enbedded database, witch I could connect directly through "Connect to Data/Service" and build so a nice small runtime solution for a "Password Database" as example. So maybe you have the same paine. Or maybe better you have solution for "my problem" and you know how I could fix it., than post it to me! Please! :-) ! If not place a Thread and ask for it in the forum. Maybe the voice from the public helps!