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    Converting Xml object strait to AS3 ....

    aktell2007 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I would like to find out a strait convertion from this Xml object to AS3 which would have to be

      the same (outcome / use / readout) as code below including a Http call !!!


      NO, Combobox or a List !!! Strait forward to be used in a function() or in a text="",  title="" or label="".


      <mx:XML id="urlsOceania" source="com/assets/Xml/ENOceania.xml"/>



                private function name():void {
                     nameType.source = urlsOceania.urlOceania.(@urlID==1).nameCountry;



      And used in Mxml as well:


      <mx:Panel title="{urlsOceania.urlOceania.(@urlID==1).prefix}">


      Thanks in advance aktell2007