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    Output aspect ratio problems

    Am_I_Lame? Level 1

      I have a comp that's 1440 x 1080 that looks good in RAM preview and after rendering from within AE CS5.  I recently learned, however (I'm a newbie, btw), that it's generally better to export to Media Encoder and do your renders there (2-pass compression, for one thing).  So I load my comp into ME CS5, select H.264 as the output  and regardless of the preset I use (ideally Youtube widescreen HD), the output ends up being stretched horizontally.  I've tried square pixels, 4:3 pixels, and interpreting the footage, but no luck.  Anything obvious I'm overlooking?


      I realize this is probably a Media Encoder forum question, but that place looks pretty dead.  I'm hoping there are others here who use this workflow.


      Thanks for the help.