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    E:\ Drive non valid...


      Hi everyone,


      I've got two PCs: one office computer under Windows XP Media Center SP3 and one portable computer under Windows Vista Home Premium. Two days ago, I got an alert indicating there was a new update for Adobe Reader.

      When I could install v9.4 on my office computer (XP), it seems that Adobe Download Manager refuses to install it on my portable PC (Vista) (but maybe on Firefox !?) and gives me the following message ever since: "Lecteur E:\ non valide" (E:\ Drive non valid) when I only have C:\, D:\ and F:\ drives !!! Consequence: the Adobe Reader version on my desktop remains 9.3.4 !!!


      Can somebody help me ?

      Thanks beforehand.

      Marco [img]http://smylies.philoo12.net/autres%20divers/bc.gif[/img]