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    Trouble with creating windows

    Map Flash
      I am creating a form based application using studio 8, and actionscript 2.0 I have a main page that shows a map that I don't want to change, and then several forms. I want the components in the forms to be in windows so they can be moved and or closed on top of the main map. The components in the forms are communicating with the main application to allow interaction with the map. If I drag the window components to the stage and use no actionscript, I can see the form components properly in the windows, and everything communicates correctly, but the windows like to dissapear when I am interacting with other windows(I think they are dissapearing behind the main map, and I am then unable to get them back). If I write actionscript using the popupmanager to create the windows, they do not dissapear behind the map, but the components in the windows cannot communicate with the main map, and therefore they are useless. I would prefer doing it in actionscript because I want to be able to create and destroy different windows as needed. Can anyone give me a hint on how to accomplish this?