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    Is anyone successfully using Digieffects Camera Mapper with CS5

    rowby Level 1

      Hello all,


      I greatly want to use Digieffects Camera Mapper with After Effects CS5 in Windows 7..




      But it keeps crashing my installation of After Effects.


      I'm using the demo CS5 version downloaded from the DigieEffects website.  Digieffects support says the demo version works the same as the paid version (except for the watermark.).   No problem there -- if I can get the demo version to work then I will buy it.


      Digieffects support says it works fine with their Windows 7 CS5 installation of After Effects.


      I went so far as to completley reinstall windows and reinstall CS5 master collection.  But after all that work I get the same crash.


      We are talking about a clean install of Windows 7 and a clean install of the CS5 master collection with nothing else installed on the computer.


      And I keep getting the crash.


      So my question here, is anyone succesfully using Digieffects Camera Mapper with CS5.  Are there any tips that I should know of.  Please look at my screen captuers of the steps I take which end up in a crash.


      As I said this is a new (just a few hours old) installation of Windows 7 Professional and a new (just a few hours old) installation of CS5 Master Collection.  No other plug-ins or programs installed.