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    Installing Flex SDK


      Hello All,


      Please excuse my ignorance; however, I am new to development.


      After talking to a friend I decided to have a go at building flash into my websites.  As a skint student I opted to download the Flex SDK open source package.


      I have downloaded FlexSDK from the Adobe site, unzipped the folder and saved it to my c:programes folder.  When I looked for an execuatble file to launch the application - nothing.  I continued to research which led me to install the plugins from the runtime folder after first unistalling my current version of flash.


      As there was no joy launching an application I did further research into the open source Flex SDK; pretty much every review mentions developing within an IDE /your chosen IDE.


      Please help:


      - What am I missing please?


      - How do I get to work with flash using Flex SDK?


      - How do I unintall Flex and the plugins and get back to how I was, as I cannot find any uninstall information? (without restoring windows as I have just installed a load of new software)


      There must be a way to make use of these files in an IDE; I must be launching it wrongly.