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    After effects error code.

    TheGamingXperts Level 1

      upon opening After Effects i receive this crash error. "After Effects error:Crash in progress. lat logged message was: <11156> <Dynamiclink> <5> C:\Program files (x86)\Common files\adobe\dynamiclink\cs5\dynmiclinkmanager.exe"


      My computer specs:


      Intelcore i5

      4.0 GB RAM

      64-bit OS


      is there any way to fix this?

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          TheGamingXperts Level 1

          alright thank you i'm going t have to have someone help me check this out.

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            TheGamingXperts Level 1

            alright i tried that, and i'm still getting a crash error.

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              Young CHO Level 1





              Ok. Firstly, It is important what is Dynamic link to solve this problem.


              What is Dynamic Link?

              Adobe® Dynamic Link gives you tighter-than-ever integration when moving assets between Adobe After Effects® CS5, Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5, and Encore® CS5. An integral part of Adobe Creative Suite® 5 Production Premium and Master Collection software, Dynamic Link enables you to work faster and stay in the creative flow by eliminating intermediate rendering when you make changes to assets — whether you're editing a sequence of clips in Adobe Premiere Pro, changing a composition in After Effects, or refining a project in Encore.


              more -> info  http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/dynamiclink/


              Secondly, plz let me check your system.


              1. Did you install the package of Adobe master collection or Creative Suite Production Premium, or each software separated in AE and Premiere?


              2. Did you uninstall whole package about that ; if you have, including not only CS5 but also previous package or software was related with Adobe AE and Premiere like CS4, CS3?


              3. Also check your any whole local folder like 10.0 folder or user application folder in document about Adobe not deleted by order "uninstall"


              4. Then, after reboot, Just install only AE(or Premiere), Only one of Two! by clicking the content in the window of installing package of Adobe.


              5. Does opening AE(or Premiere) is ok?  -->I wholly believe it won't have any Problem. Just imagine that you got adobe software first.


              6. Then, try to install the other.


              7. If both AE and Premiere are that opening is good, you are able to install the others of your package.



              Good luck!

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                TheGamingXperts Level 1

                yes i've tried all of the above, and it still comes up with a crash error.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Trash the prefs! You have enabled MP rendering and for some reason it's busted...



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                    TheGamingXperts Level 1

                    i tried trashing the prefs file....still came up with the same error code....about done and going to stick with Cinema 4d...any thing else i can try?

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      Download ProcessMonitor from Sysinternals, set it to filter on AfterFX.exe, then watch. Whenever something goes wrong, it will be labeled with Fail and pop up in red. This wil ltell you exactly at which file or registry key it crashes and for what reason. Provide that info and we may be able to tell you what to do...



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                        donkyriver Level 1

                        Im having the same problem,


                        But how do i filter AE ?

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                          donkyriver Level 1

                          Also, this file "Adobe After Effects 10.0-x64 Prefs"  working fine till its gets up to 500 KB and then i get the error.

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                            Young CHO Level 1

                            I wanna ask you that where "Adobe After Effects 10.0-x64 Prefs" file, which you found, is?


                            And What did you do something that the file got up to 500KB? Did you add or check some options in the Prefs?


                            And Why do you think the problem shows along changing the size of the prefs?


                            Thanks you.

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                              donkyriver Level 1

                              Its in the following folder


                              computer>Local>Users>Name>Appdata>Roaming>Adobe>After Effects>10.0


                              No i did not edit it.


                              Well because when i delete it i check up on start up on 100 kb its fine.


                              Once its crashes its everytime  on 500 kb.

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                                Young CHO Level 1

                                OK. Now checked,


                                Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 4.43.16 PM.png

                                This file, which you said, mainly has whole option values such as "1" or "0" ; "On" or "Off", about workspace of AE.(You need not touch these options.)

                                So, if your pref file was damaged or something like that, it can be crashed.

                                But, I don't think the size of the file causes some problems because mine is 601 KB.(Windows 7 64)

                                Here is the solution about crash by workspace.

                                1. Plz check where your workspace is placed when you start to get the problem.

                                If you found that, you can delete your workspace using this option below. "Delete Workspace.."


                                Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 4.31.18 PM.png

                                2. Or, you can manually delete both "Adobe After Effects 10.0-x64 Prefs" and "workspace.XML" in the folder.

                                When you restart AE, those will be recreated with default value and size.


                                Exactly, what warning message did you get from crash in AE?

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                                  Anteeru1 Level 1

                                  Hey everyone,


                                  just wanted to reupdate this thread as I'm having the exact same problem at the moment but none of the solutions suggested above did actually work:

                                  - only install After Effects - check

                                  - delete 10.0 folder - check

                                  - delete workspace within the programm - check


                                  I even switched off my whole Firewall in hope this would do anything about the TCP-problems suggested by Todd_Kopriva, but it does not, actually. The thing is that on my previous computer (also Win 7, 64 Bit, IGP) I never had that problem so i actually assume some hardware issues to be the cause. I have a GeForce GTX560 2 GB installed plus 16 GB RAM. My machine is brand-new.


                                  Hope that we'll get this thing sorted, as I am in kind of a hurry to finish my project. Guys, Help!!! .




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                                    _mp Level 1

                                    Here is another reason this can happen - my Windows PC BSOD'ed in the middle of a render.  After a reboot, both my prefs file and the 'memorybalancercs<version>.xml' file were trashed, the latter caused the DynamicLinkManager.exe crash-loop.  Just removing it (delete or rename) rebuilds it and fixes the issue.  It's found at:


                                    C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\dynamiclinkmanager/<correct version>


                                    Would be nice if AE could catch this like it does for prefs (will report).

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                                      SWFHistory Level 1

                                      For anyone looking for the answer to this error recently


                                      The Simple answer to this is to close all your open cs apps. I received this problem when i was updating my cs apps, and i had tried to update from the top menu while in photoshop.Once i closed photoshop and made sure no other CS apps were opened, the error messege disappeared and the updates continued.


                                      Another note; just in case you get another error code saying to close shellEXTloader, just close Sugarsync.For some reason this was the answer.happy travels!