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    Project Archiver Issue of Earlier Versions Corrected For PE9

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      Through Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1, the program’s Project Archiver and its Archiver (also known as Trimmed) option, but not its Copy option, had its serious problems archiving DV AVI Type 1 that was on the project’s Timeline. The problem was defined in the following thread:



      To sum it up, when you went to the archived "Trimmed" folder to retrieve its Project.Prel file and the source media that went into the Timeline

      a. The DV AVI type 1 media would not opened, even in Windows Media Player


      b. When you went to open the project via its Project.prel file, you would find those red media offline thumbnails on the Timeline (and thus seen in the Monitor) and,  in the Project Media View, the file thumbnails there would be represented by a thumbnail with a circle consisting of an arched green arrow on the top and a red arched arrow on the bottom..


      I am happy to report that the problem is gone in Premiere Elements 9, at least my tryout version.


      Thanks Adobe for taking the corrective action for this issue for Premiere Elements 9.