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    How to track down php service fault


      I have a small FlashBuilder4 project that runs fine on my local computer under Apache, PHP and MySQL.The first thing it does is populate a DataGrid with data from a MySQL table (the grid's creationcomplete event triggers a PHP service call and has its dataprovider hooked to the callresponder's lastresult property).


      As is often the case, I'm having trouble deploying the project to a remote, hosted server. I have uploaded the Zend framework, the release build, transferred my tables to the remote server, set the paths, etc. After several initial problems I believe I've got the ini file and everything else set up correctly (if I browse to my gateway.php and open it in notepad I get "Zend endpoint" with no errors). I have entered the credentials in each php service file. However, when I browse to the html wrapper page the grid displays fine but the phpservice call is apparently generating a fault. Unfortunately, there is no error information returned by the fault; i.e. the Alert box is blank.


      Can anyone suggest a methodical way of trying to track down what is going on?


      Thanks in advance.