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    app for automated text frame content creation

    ArrowUpRight Level 2

      Now Hello Everyone!


      Thank you all of what we used to be discussing before, but now i need to take a more complex discussion.


      Start from what we have:


      1. The ID CS5 document with several linked textframes within it.

      2. The database consisting of multiple Ads, every can be a formatted text or an image.

      3. Written application that serves the database and able to export a file of any type with by-string Ads definitions or with the XML consisting of multiple nodes.


      And we have a need to bring the database's content into the linked textframes of ID document.


      Content is the multiple paragraphs of text ads, sometimes images.


      And, now i know, there are several scripting-nested abilities to provide data into ID document, such a Script, IDML, and XML.


      From their, the XML seems to be a most solving feature, but then how to format it to let the ID to traverse text and image paragraphs?


      I mean, is it possible in general (without any third-party software),

      and is there any resources or tutorials to start with it.


      Thanks in advance, Alex.