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    Compiling video error premiere elements 8




      Sorry this question has been asked before and has been given some input.


      When i had first installed PE8 ( 10/08/2010 ) and created a short video into mpeg format, it had worked but since then i have not been able to 'share' in any format whatsoever.


      I always end up with this message 'Error compiling movie' uknown error'


      I have tried doing what was the replys to a post about updating drivers but still the same message appears.


      Could it be a codec issue? Apart from that I have no ideas left on what to do to fix this problem.


      Any help would be great.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Since you last successfully Exported/Shared, have you made any changes at all to the Timeline?


          The reason that I ask this is that often, something as simple as a gap in the Video portion of the Timeline can yield a failure to compile, as can some Assets.


          Good luck,



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            fellowscot Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            The first movie i created worked fine with video and mp3.


            In fact i have changed the content within the timeline for my 2nd video but there are no gaps.


            Am using the same files as i did before.  This time i had added stills to the video.


            I have tried deleting the stills and tryed to export but same error message.


            I havent installed or removed anything on my computer.


            I've even gone back to my first video i try to export but to a different format but error message pops up again.